"Legacy Audio has totally seduced me. I discovered details in known works that had gone unnoticed, and I missed them from the moment I disconnected the Focus SE to pack them up after the review."

"The first thing that stands out is how these speakers reproduce the bass, with an extension and an impact that takes our breath away. I had never heard - or felt – bass as deep, or defined as that of the Legacy Focus SE."

"The combination of the Focus SE with the Hypex was almost magical. It's not magic, it's logical: those speakers and especially the two AMT tweeters, are the key."

"The AMT tweeters are at first sight very similar to those used in several boxes, like the Golden Ear, and while their detailed but soft sound, without shrillness, also reminded me of them, the Focus SE sounded to me both more transparent and clear above their compatriots."

Photo: HiFi Live Magazine

"Focus SE offered me the best sound I've had in my basement - by far."

"You get carried away by the music."

"In addition to how much I liked the sound of the Legacy, both with Class D and tube amplification, there is another factor that showed me that they are something special: its transparency, its usefulness as "monitors" to analyze and compare components."

"What I do know for sure is this: as a first option, and at the price that the Focus SE are currently, Legacy would be the ones chosen. The Legacy Focus SE cost today what my B&W 802D cost over ten years ago."

Learn more about the Focus SE, top choice for audio professionals and music lovers alike, here.

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