"Legacy will Satisfy Extremely Demanding Music Lovers" - Focus SE Review. Audio Video discovered the synergy of the Legacy Focus SE with Krell electronics in their new review.

“The sonic nature of the Focus SE is familiar to me- detailed and dynamic, with a linear tonal balance and a transparent top end.”

“Focus SE has no parallel walls, and the front panel is narrowed from above to avoid frequency dips due to interference of sound waves. The upper band has been voiced by dual Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter (an improved AMT design) with increased efficiency. All new Focus SE speaker components are selected with an accuracy of ± 0.25 dB. Solen polypropylene capacitors are used in crossovers, and the Kimber Kable silver cable is used for internal wiring.”

"The Focus model is the best-selling in the history of Legacy Audio."

“The bass is deep and fast- the pair of 12” drivers naturally convey the instantaneous transition from a short pause, to a quick attack.”

"The Focus cabinet has “a rigid, solid body with impeccable finish.”

“In general, a modern high performance system is obtained from components of such an equivalent level that it is perceived as a single whole with a classic combination of qualities to satisfy extremely demanding music lovers. It is clear that the other links influence the final result, but the most significant contribution is made by the speaker system with the amplifier."

“The system perfectly reproduces dynamic contrasts. High class is felt in the fact that there is detail and intelligibility at any volume level.”

System as tested:

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