"The first thing that your ears are hooked onto is the enormous soundstage that engulfs you thanks to the open baffle of the Legacy Aeris. However, it isn’t just the soundstage that is huge but the entire sound."

"Music seems to have been taken out of a box and allowed to fully uncompress and fill the entire room... I was so intoxicated by the sound and just wanted to relax and enjoy the music, something that not many systems are capable of."

"The next thing that captivates you would be the realism brought about by the setup. Despite using only digital sources, the vocals were so rich and full that it seemed like a true human voice."

"Vocals were not the only aspect that sounded true to life as the piano on the track seemed so lifelike, as if there was a piano placed right before me, playing the pieces -- an extremely enjoyable experience."

"Francis has mentioned with the arrival of his legacies, he might not need as much subs as he needed before in his home theatre and indeed he has sold a few of his subs away as the Legacy Aeris just got that bass under control. There is simply no need for unnecessary subwoofers."

"I have heard systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and honestly this system at Francis’ place might be able to put up a fight against them."

"If I were to use just one word to sum it up, it would be- amazing."

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