"The Legacy is simply the finest loudspeaker system I’ve had the privilege of hearing. I played thousands of different tracks through them and found not a missed nuance anywhere. …it was as if a whole new universe opened up, a universe full of new possibilities and discoveries. Perhaps you can tell I’m very enthused about these speakers, but believe me, I’m holding back on my verbiage."

"I’ve never heard such an airy, open almost limitless soundstage. Nothing ever sounded like it was coming from a box."

"I’ve also never heard such hyper detail, both micro and macro. That includes some pretty outstanding ribbons and panel models. All the detail, soundstaging and every other audiophile prerequisites without the unnatural, antiseptic character."

"The Aeris is a major accomplishment."

"Let me give you an example of the kind of “detail” I heard. Bear in mind that I like to listen not only to the music, but the work of the engineer/producer as well. There’s a cut from a Celtic Woman CD where the Celtic Woman was singing as she played the harp. Yes, you could hear her fingernails on the strings and the wonderful resonance of the harp. Her voice was mesmerizing. But at one point at the end of a vocal phrase, she stops and there’s a moment of silence. The harp stops, too. There’s a couple of ways to “stop” or damp a harp, usually with your hands. But this time, for the first time, it was very obvious that the harp was silenced electronically by use of a fader. The engineer just pulled it down. I wasn’t even listening for that – it was just “there” as evident as can be. Little things like that happened a lot."

Legacy Dual AMT System

"The ones in the Aeris are not off-the-rack models, but ones he (Bill Dudleston) has designed and fabricated himself. He’s taken a good mousetrap and turned it into a rodent death ray. Superior dispersion and detail with less distortion and coloration plus incredible speed as opposed to your normal domed tweeter."


"Very few people have heard bass presented the way the Aeris can. Now that I’ve lived with low end so deep, so musical and so accurate, there’s no going back.

It wasn’t just about the quantity of low frequencies, but the quality as well. I’ve simply never heard bass this deep with such accurate pitch, texture, unbridled, effortless POWER."

On a solo bass cover "...of the old Kansas rocker “Carry On Wayward Son”. He attacks the upright bass fiercely, producing extreme slapping of strings against the fretboard and powerful, gut wrenching low frequencies such that would cause many speakers to roll over and play dead. The Aeris seem to just smile and say, “Is that all ya got”? No strain, no apprehension that they might be just on the edge of compressing, distorting or even doubling. Again, there was no sense of listening to speakers at all. Effortless."

"If you know and appreciate what real music sounds like – any kind of music – you should love these."

"For me, they have established a completely new level of musical enjoyment. And by the way, THIS pair isn’t going back either."

"If you are looking for speakers anywhere near this price, especially higher, listen to these first in your room if you can. It sets new standards at any price level for musical excellence. It was effortless listening."

"The Legacy Aeris speaker system easily attains the elite level of our Maximum Mojo Award."

"Never, ever once did the Aeris make an unmusical sound. Perhaps most importantly, it’s the way they made us feel. They impart something that has been quietly lacking in every other speaker; call it satisfaction, call it fulfillment, consummation or just plain joy, but they never left us wanting for the inspiration and delight that only real music can deliver. Yes, I said real."

"We never left a listening session without wishing we could linger longer, and bear in mind our listening sessions are usually four hours straight. Never a hint of fatigue, never allowing your mind to wander about whatever happened earlier in the day or contemplating the morrow. Total immersion. My mind was constantly filled with different musical ideas or questions – vivid Technicolor thoughts. I often found myself exclaiming “wow” or something equivalent out loud. Sometimes REAL loud. I never do that except at live concerts and I can count those times on one hand."

"We’ve had much more expensive speakers, but none as exhilarating as these. We look forward to weekend nights so we could listen to music, just like we look forward to going to live concerts. It was transportive, to make up a word. That's really what high-end stereo is supposed to do, isn't it? Transport us, give us the illusion of something real, of being there? The Aeris does."

Read the full review here.

In addition to the Maxiimum Mojo Award & Stereo Mojo Specific Recommendation, the Legacy Audio Aeris has also received The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award, reviewed as “The Avatar of What the Next Generation of Speakers Should Be” & awarded Best Sound by Robert Harley at Rocky Mountain Audiofest.

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