The music you listen to in your home comes a long way from the recording studio to your room. AV Max put together an impressive panel of studio engineers to listen to the music they helped create in the studio on several speakers, including the Legacy Focus. Here’s what they had to say…

“The Legacy Audio Focus HD floorstanding speakers were brilliant. When I was auditioning the floorstanding speakers with my unmastered mixes, it translated the sound in a truthful and uncoloured manner. I always prefer a monitoring system that does not know anything about distortion what so ever.” -PA Deepak: Credits include “Slumdog Millionaire” & “Rockstar”

“All the loudspeakers that were provided for audition were very good, but the Legacy Audio Focus HD takes the cake amongst them all felt less like a recording and more like a live performance.”
-Salman Khan Afridi

“The Legacy Audio Focus HD floorstanding speakers were a revelation by themselves. The bottom-end was amazing, and the mid and top-end had good clarity. These are simply brilliant floorstanding speakers”- Ashish Saksena

“…coming to the Focus HD floorstanding speakers, I must say that I thoroughly liked them.” “…the sonic quality of the Focus HD was indeed top-notch” -Bishwadeep Chatterjee

“The listening session was one of the most blissful experiences I have had in a long time.”
-Lijin Jolly Alex:

Credits include “Slumdog Millionaire”

“Coming to the Legacy Audio Focus HD, the low-end of the floorstanding speakers is truly gut wrenching. One will instantly fall in love with the detailed and accurate low-end of these tall floorstanding speakers. This balanced sound of the Focus HD is what amazed me the most and spending time with it was a great experience.” -Niraj Singh

The full article is available in the January, 2013 issue of AV MAX.

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