Legacy has assembled 10 more great tracks to enjoy and show off your speakers!

They range from remastered classics to modern day electronic pieces.

There's something for everyone to enjoy in this list!

1. No Sanctuary Here- Chris Jones

Great low end with widely panned vocals. Excellent percussion punctuates the rhythm and rounds out an exceptionally balanced mix full of detail.

2. Night Train- Christian McBride
An expertly played and expertly mic’d upright bass with plenty of detail and articulations.

3. Fever- Elvis Presley
Try to get a copy of the remastered version by mastering engineer Steve Hoffman (Focus and Whisper user). Notice the hard panned elements. A great speaker will reveal the tape hiss around the vocal, which you can hear disappear in between vocal phrases.

4. Fields Of Gold- Eva Cassidy
An excellent female vocal- you can hear the breath and articulations in the performance, over the subdued and calming arrangement.

5. A Long Walk (Groove)- Jill Scott
If you’re in the mood for a grooving live performance, look no further than this bass and percussion centric groove, with a killer lead vocal, background harmonies and brass punctuations.

6. Heartbeat- Jake Shimabukuro
Excellent clean ukulele work and use of delay (echo) in the beginning. A great instrumental track that gradually builds to a crescendo.

7. Madness- Muse
Electronic music fans will enjoy the bubbly low end on this track from rockers Muse. Quite a departure from the band’s previous sound, this is a very well produced modern day track that keeps on building. They play the electronic low frequency synth live via a synth/bass that utilizes a touch screen like iPad controller. Search YouTube for “Muse Madness Live” to see how they do it!

8. Again- John Legend
A nice modern release from Mr. Legend. If you’re looking for a great neo-soul piano based performance, this is a great track.

9. Thanks To You- Boz Scaggs
A smooth atmospheric track with rhythmically synced delay, an instantly recognizable voice and plenty of nice deep low end.

10. Mother Nature’s Son (Alternate Take)- Paul McCartney
We all know the original which is based on takes 24 and 26, but this version is very special. Available on The Beatles Anthology 3, it features only Paul and an acoustic. This is the 2nd take and it is incredibly well recorded. Have a listen to the sound of tapping in the background, and the way you can hear the space around the vocal. Paul’s speaking parts are particularly interesting- making this a great rarity for both fans of The Beatles and audiophiles alike.

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