What HiFi Magazine recently interviewed Legacy Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, in their February 2009 issue.

  • How do you counter time-alignment issues with so many drivers in your designs?

"Our four-way Focus is essentially a two-way with an optimally placed crossover. There is no crossover hand-off in the regions we perceive phase. We then augment this two-way with a subwoofer and super tweeter. All of our designs are phase continuous (linear). They are Zobel compensated to counter inductive reactance and polar patterns are optimized forward radiating. Speakers using the Wavelaunch processor can be aligned in the most absolute sense."

  • In your experience, what has been the best way to reproduce accurate bass - open baffle, reflex loading, passive radiators or acoustic suspension?

"Wow! I use all of these methods, but none of them in the traditional sense. For example, Helix combines a sealed box omni response with a dipole to create a cardioid patern with great transient ability. Focus uses a second-order high-pass filter to agument the vented alignment. Distortion is quite low with remarkable extension. We use a slightly overdamped driver to keep the bass tight. Whisper applies a differential alignment is a push-push configuration to create greater low frequency steering capability. On Legacy's Xtreme subwoofer, a passive radiator with a dual suspension is weighted with a heavy steel slug, while the active driver employs dynamic braking to improve the waveform trace."

Download the full article (PDF).