Scot Hull of Part Time Audiophile writes, "The $9,200 Focus SE (Silver Anniversary)... you’re going to be hard pressed to find any speaker that can touch it for less than $20k. Go ahead, look. Have fun with that."

He continues on, "...the Whisper XD stood up and practically paraded its total musical dominance over the piece. That's an odd way of saying, holy crap, this speaker owned it. Yikes!"

"Instantly recognizable, the open-baffle design is a couple of inches over 5′ tall. At both the top and bottom of the baffle are 15″ drivers — think subwoofers. There are two more mounted in the rear baffle. That’s four 15″ drivers per cabinet — all powered by integral 500wpc ICE-power amplifiers."

"Okay, all that said, here’s the kicker. I don’t care what your audiophile preconceptions might lead you to believe about a big speaker with a bazillion drivers. Toss that out. Then, queue up that Philharmonic you’ve been keeping in your back pocket. Et voila, monsieur. The entirety of the performance is now before you."

"In the show report I wrote for Enjoy The Music I noted that the Whispers completely owned whatever they were handed. I’ll repeat that and underline it here — there’s some things that big speakers can do that more modestly sized speakers simply cannot. And big music is one of them. Very impressive. Smack!"
Scott Hull