Antonio L.A. Reid is a multiple GRAMMY Award-winning record producer/CEO and multiple Legacy Audio speaker user. He has earned 18 BMI awards and produced or co-written 33 No. 1 singles.

In 2016, L.A. Reid called his Legacy Speaker System his Best Investment, learn more here.

Speakers used: Legacy doubleHELIX & Legacy Focus SE

L.A. first chose Legacy doubleHELIX speakers in 2007 during a shootout among top speaker manufacturers. In 2011, after being named Chairman and CEO at Epic Records, he once again chose Legacy- the Focus SE is currently being utilized by Mr. Reid at Sony Music Entertainment in Beverly Hills, CA.

Most familiar to TV audiences as a judge alongside colleagues Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul on TV's "The X Factor", L.A. Reid is a man of discriminating taste- from his attire to his speaker systems. Viewers might recognize the familiar design of both vintage and current Legacy Audio speakers televised alongside L.A. on "The X Factor."

In the spring of 2007 Legacy director of research and development, Bill Dudleston, was given the challenge of designing a new speaker system for the largest recording company in the world, Universal Music Group. More importantly, it would be utilized by the legendary producer/CEO/Chairman, Antonio "L.A." Reid.

The playback system was given the arduous task of covering the 40 seat Manhattan conference room, providing uniquely good imaging for all listeners, yet serving up club-like SPLs. After months of modeling, Bill and his team of engineers came up with a system that could image like Whisper and Helix but provide unprecedented impact in a mastering quality monitor. With the assistance of UMG's Dave Soto and Legacy east coast representative, John Niski, the system was installed on June 23.

Driven by a dozen McIntosh monoblocs with four channels of Crown amplification on the subs, the system features 16 individual DSP speaker cells, stacked 4 cells high to form four individual towers. After a shoot-out featuring several of the top professional and home audio speaker manufacturers, Legacy walked away the winner. Following careful evaluation, a glowing L.A. Reid congratulated Bill and staff "I absolutely love them. ...You have an incredible talent. I think you should name these speakers after me... you can call them the A.R. M-02s!'

L.A. Reid with several of his Legacy Audio speakers on TV for The X Factor.

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