Looking for new music to enjoy this fall? We assembled four albums full of music, for your listening pleasure!

Even better, they're available as high resolution 24 bit files from HDTracks here!

Concert In The Virgin Islands- Duke Ellington & His Orchestra

Jazz fans will appreciate this album featuring excellent musicians who show off the many different colors their instruments are capable of. Track 8, "The Opener", shows off the orchestra's virtuoso abilities.

While the album was made as a hypothetical program Duke would perform if invited to perform on the islands, it was actually recorded in a New York studio.

Songs in the Key of Life- Stevie Wonder

This classic needs no introduction. Featuring the singles "I Wish", "Isn't She Lovely" and "Sir Duke" (a tribute to the last artist on our list), it is also very well recorded.

Have a listen to track 9, "Summer Soft"- After the initial burst of birds and crickets around the lead vocal, listen to the widely panned percussion and hi-hat work. This track features wonderfully arranged sonic details and excellent use of layers.

Legacy speakers will reveal the detail of the diverse instruments used in these recordings. Here's a quick video demonstrating the resolution of Legacy midrange drivers.

The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack- Hans Zimmer

In addition to being a sonically excellent recording, the composition and arrangement is superb.

Standout tracks include track 11, "Why Do We Fall?", which begins as a dull roar, but driving strings and growing percussion bring this track to an exciting conclusion.
"Track 15", Rise, is an excellent combination of traditional orchestral instruments, choir and synthesized elements (composer Hans Zimmer goes to great lengths creating unique timbres) making for a very lush track.

Legacy subwoofers, such as the Xtreme XD, will provide weight and punch to the foundation of the soundtrack. Dynamically it takes advantage of the CD’s resolution. Fans of unique sonics who also appreciate classic composition will enjoy this album.

Soul Sessions, Vol. 2- Joss Stone

This eagerly anticipated release from GRAMMY® Award-winning vocalist Joss Stone shows off her soulful vocal chops. This is a good example of an album whose sound fits its aesthetic- it's excellent arrangements and performances are not sonicly polished on purpose. The sound fits this style of music.
Have a listen to track 4, "Sideway Shuffle". Notice the nice ring of reverb around the percussion, creating space around the instrument. While the main vocal is mostly up the center (monophonic), her tightly performed harmonies are panned far and wide, taking advantage of the stereo spread.