“What I had was the urge to stand up and applaud the band.”

The Legacy Aeris “stunned me with palpable images of players that were playing their instruments with visceral impact and physical urgency in physical acoustics- an intimate delight.”
“The soundstage is deep and wide, the air is pressurized and the transients of initial licks of strings are lightning fast and cut through the silence like a knife. A few seconds later you find yourself totally absorbed in the pulsating music ambience, right there, and you savor instruments like the tambourine that is scary alive in the perfectly laid out spatial picture."

“The Legacy excels in separation and dynamics – the response is quick like with the best horn speakers and the sound in highs and mids is absolutely weightless in its palpability, that is there is no momentum, no honey-like viscosity, no smear, which lends great rhythmic drive to the music. With eyes closed the projection is sort of holographic and extremely involving, like transcending from your usual high end universe into a real universe that is free from electronics and populated with real people with real music instruments. You are instantaneously moved to a studio, concert hall or a stadium.”

“During auditioning, the results confirm that the lows of the Aeris have great definition, fullness, and tremendous attack."

“Should I take the three-dimensional modeling of events as the epitome of high fidelity reproduction then the Legacy Aeris would score the highest from what I have heard. Only TAD and Nola speakers would compete with the Aeris, the former needs a powerful amplifier and the latter complementary acoustic condition, however...

The Legacy Aeris can do the trick in any room.”

“I believe that their magic is in their phase coherent design and special interaction with a listening environment. Thus different smears and veils disappear to leave a transparent window to the music and its ambience. It is important not to have a piano reproduced with 10 meters width or a jazz club of 50 meters deep. It is important not to smear the sound with the release of energy that was previously stored in a resonant cabinet’s walls."

"Some speakers can do that too, like Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond ($24,000) or Wilson Audio or Magico or TAD or JMlab Focal’s Utopia ($65,000) – the Legacy Aeris ($17,750) can provide an additional element on top that the others cannot: the LIFE.

100% Reference Award

“The size of the Legacy Aeris automatically makes one think about big listening rooms. I auditioned the Aeris in three different line ups and three very different rooms. … the Aeris can bring to life the recording no matter if it is stereo, dual-mono or pure mono, no matter if it comes from 40’s or 90’s. I cannot imagine a situation or set up where the Aeris speakers should not perform optimally, which makes them a true 100% Reference component.”

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