Legacy Audio Whisper Clarity Edition Compared to Speakers Costing $75,000-$100,000

“Without hesitation I proclaim the owner of a Clarity Edition Whisper design to have sound quality commensurate with speakers costing from seventy five to one hundred thousand dollars! That’s right, this is a premier speaker system... shouldering past some big names.”

“Over the past several years Legacy has been adding speakers to what Bill (Legacy President & designer) has termed the Masters Series, tweaked designs worthy of being called Legacy’s ultimate products. Indeed, this redesigned Clarity Whisper stands alongside the Focus SE and Aeris in the pantheon of the Masters Series, products of the highest expression of design and build quality from Legacy Audio.”

“The Legacy Audio Whisper was an already impressive speaker when I first laid hands on it. Bill Dudleston has a well-earned reputation among recording studios and knows how to make an exciting, involving speaker. Over the past five years, Legacy has exploded in popularity as it has brought out new models. When I first reviewed it I pronounced the Whisper a product which performed well above its price point, touching state-of-the-art performance. In the past few years the rest of the audiophile community is learning what I had discovered; Legacy Audio is a new force to be reckoned with in High-End speakers!

Legacy Whisper in Satin Cabernet Sapele Pommele finish

“The (bass) impact was sufficient enough to rattle my basement room’s drop ceiling tiles! No other speaker I have used, regardless of size and driver configuration apart from the Legacy Helix (now succeded by the Legacy V), has been able to do that!”

“The most vivid restructuring of the soundstage was evident; the vast but diffused soundstage was now tightened by a foot or so on top and bottom, residing more solidly in the zone of the 7-inch driver sets. As density of a photocopier can be increased, the density of the images was increased from being akin to a bubble-jet printout as heard via the King III to laser-jet-like solidity with the Clarity Edition Whisper.”

“I had tapped into a gold mine of potential, unearthed veins of precious sound, which the Clarity Whisper laid out before me like a showing of artifacts brought up from an ore laden mine! I am there, on the ridge of the highest performance regardless of system cost. Note that I have said, “…on the ridge of the highest performance,” as I do not wish to make a foolish declaration of one speaker or system being “the best,” and in so doing invalidate my credibility.”

“Simply put, there are a few incredible speakers on the market – and the Whisper Clarity Edition is one of them.”


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