The Absolute Sound's Andrew Quint has named the Legacy VALOR system the Most Significant Product Introduction at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Audiofest.

"Put me down for the Legacy VALOR loudspeaker..."

"There was a great deal of attention to the new VALOR ($80,000) designed by Legacy founder Bill Duddleston. The VALOR and other Legacy models employ a unique form of room correction that requires one to take measurements (with the included microphone) right in front of the loudspeaker, rather than at multiple locations around the listening position. For calibration, that data is transmitted to a supercomputer in Sweden, which crunches the numbers and returns an algorithm that's installed on an owner's Legacy Wavelet ($4950, included in the price of the VALOR) that also has a top-drawer DAC chipset and preamp-like control functions." View the original article here.

Most Significant Product Introduction
"Put me down for the Legacy VALOR loudspeaker, with its outside-the-box approach to room correction."

-Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound

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