Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2017 marked the debut of the new Legacy Audio STEREO UNFOLD technology, as featured on the new Legacy VALOR speaker.

"Several times each day show attendees were treated to a direct comparison of the new STEREO UNFOLD technology vs. standard stereo playback. Listeners were consistently impressed with the detail and image localization improvements afforded by the new technology. While I had expected the spatial improvement based on the explanation of the technology, I did not anticipate so much additional harmonic information to be revealed or timbre to become more natural. Often we read about great gear ‘lifting a veil’ from recordings, yet this technology is more significant than that- it rectifies the errors speakers have been introducing when presenting stereo to the listener.

Managed by a user friendly interface, the Wavelet allows the user to select between the 3 digital and 4 pair of analog inputs, offers trimming of high level inputs from DACs or preamps, serves as a four-way digital crossover, premium DAC and provides ample gain to drive up to 8 channels of amplification.

Want to swap to an amplifier with a higher or lower input sensitivity? The remote's Manual Setup screen allows up to 18dB of gain adjustment.

Want to hear what the Apodizing Filter, Room correction or Stereo Unfold do for you? You can defeat each separately within a preset selection.

Have favorite recordings that are a bit anemic in the bottom end or a bit tizzy on the top? Click on the Contour section and voice a preset with the useful minimum phase filters.

The Valor speaker and the host Wavelet processor establish a breathtaking new level of performance for two-channel audio playback. Legacy's inclusion of DSP, ample power, a great user interface and built-in subwoofers provide a value proposition that is rare- if not unique- in ultra-high-end audio.

Though few may afford such a prestigious system, don't let yourself be cheated out of an audition. The best news is that Legacy is introducing a version of this technology via Wavelet upgrades in April of 2018 that will work on any Legacy speaker system."

-James Thompson,

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