"Best Loudspeakers of AXPONA 2023. Legacy Audio always has a major presence at AXPONA, and this year was no exception. They brought their full spread of high-end speakers as well as their ULTRA amplifiers and Wavelet processor." James Larson, Audioholics.com

“I spent most of my time in the Legacy room listening to the 6’ tall V speakers. Via these four-way dipoles with passive bass radiators, transients emerged fast and effortlessly, and bass notes (down to a subterranean 16Hz!) had real left and a ton of punch."

"President and founder Bill Dudleston, a pioneer in room correction, knew the setup would work thanks to his Legacy Wavelet, an electronic slayer of reflected sound, nasty time delays, and other room-induced colorations”. Rogier Van Bakel, Stereophile.com Coverage

The Legacy V system (outer pair) & AERIS (inner pair)

"On a good system, Yosi Harikawa’s “Bubbles,” an audiophile chestnut I never tire of, makes the bouncing marbles and pebbles on the recording skitter all over the room. The Legacy Vs rendered the effect with extreme precision. Unintended comedy occurred thanks to a version of Simon & Garfunkel’s “the Boxer” sung by the King’s Singers, a niminy-piminy English choral group."

"Did the track sound excellent? Hell yeah, and no one in their right mind could deny it." – Rogier Van Bakel, Stereophile.com Coverage

The Legacy Vs “sounded as tremendous as they looked. All of Legacy’s speakers were calibrated with their Wavelet processor, so even though they were placed in a large and acoustically disadvantaged environment, they could still sound terrific. The Wavelet processor was one of the first true room correction systems in that it corrects for time domain issues as well as frequency domain problems.”

The Legacy i.V4 ULTRA amplifier, and Wavelet II processors

“The Legacy Calibre produced a dynamic and full sound that didn’t lack for much at my listening position- and this was in a large conference room, not a small hotel room.”

The Legacy VALOR “aren’t inexpensive, but they are still a whole lot of speaker for the money and are so far ahead of their time that they still remain absolute state-of-the-art technology even today, five years after their launch.” James Larson, Audioholics.com

The flagship Legacy VALOR system, alongside the Calibre XD monitors

“I spent my time enjoying the larger speakers in the image. These are the VALORs, Legacy’s flagship speakers. The music was being processed through the Wavelet II Time Domain Processor. This processor is unique among similar products out there. The processor has multiple digital and analog inputs so it is very flexible. In fact, this component has a great deal of depth in how it can be connected and used in a high end system. I love what Legacy is doing with these processors. The sound was mesmerizing. “ Jim Clements, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

Also on hand were the Focus XD & Signature XD speakers, both featuring internal ICEpower amplification and new 7” graphene filled carbon fiber midrange with massive magnetic structure, computer optimized copper phase-plug and shorting ring.

Thank you to all those who attended!

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