Legacy V is "The Best Performance I Have Heard From Any Speaker"

“Right out of the box the V erupted in the best performance I have heard from any speaker in my room regardless of design… Pause to absorb that comment; the V bettered all other speaker systems even when it was not optimized, when the Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover integral to it had not been tuned to taste and the Bohmer room correction software had not been engaged. The speaker started out dominant and increased its supremacy with time."

"You have not heard luxurious midrange with utter ease until you have heard the 14” mid-bass drivers as they partner with the dual 6” curvilinear upper-midrange of the V. These huge mids are so forgiving on the ears that you can listen at quite high levels and feel no strain at all in the music. Due to the extraordinary design and phenomenal flexibility of setup one can be assured that listening fatigue can be completely eradicated."

"You can pay any amount of money you wish for a speaker with smallish midrange drivers and not get this experience."

"…so smooth and refined that it can make an electrostatic speaker sound edgy."

The Legacy V System in Walnut finish

"The V is simply, as enthusiasts are wont to say, in a different class. Just as there is a leap from mass produced performance sedans to closed circuit racing cars, there is a leap from the performance of the Whisper to the V."

"Those who are shopping for such speakers know this is a $100K plus club, and a fair number of these speakers will set you back more than $200K. So, why is the Legacy V ($49,500) being discussed with all these others? Because it is inherently worthy of such company, yet sports a price multiples less. It is no wonder that Legacy Audio is shipping scads of big gun speakers all over the world…"

"For decades I had to endure pathetically compromised playback of The Alan Parson’s Project’s “Some Other Time,” and other favorites. It was magical except for the wretched sound quality. No longer! Hearing these favorites now, I’m in the studio with the Project, living a high definition dream, precisely the result I envisioned when I built my room. Parsons with real bass! Parsons with no veils obscuring the music! Parsons with every vocal and guitar riff cleanly rendered – nostalgia perfected in 21st century sound quality!"

"Thus it goes from artist to artist, genre to genre, the V holding me in rapt attention."

"The internal DAC of the Wavelet is supremely good, in fact as impressive as any of the other DACs, including the Exogal Comet and LampizatOr Big 7."

"Fit and finish on the review pair was impeccable."

"The V offers the owner not only adjustments to realize a more desired sound, but packages these adjustments in a user-friendly fashion."

"The V is tactile, precipitating glorious sound quality such that there is a good chance I will be disappointed in the live performance."

"A speaker wins when it gets sold in large numbers by the manufacturer and is loved by the owners. The V deserves to be sold briskly around the world and cherished by audiophile fanatics. Its performance cuts like a blowtorch through my steely reviewer defenses and has my mind in machinations of how I could possibly own it. It is so far beyond the range of speakers I have ever owned that I see no clear path to ownership. But I’m going to try because it is Vesuvius, a sonic strato-volcano!"

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