Legacy Calibre Performance " Unheard of at Anywhere Near its Price Range."

The Legacy Calibre is the “smallest and sharpest tool in the box”

"Legacy Audio, a quintessentially American company, has earned its way into a space previously occupied by blue-blooded brands. Calibre, their newest speaker punches much above its weight and succeeds. Hand-rubbed to a beautiful gloss, the solid cabinet is no less than a piece of art."

"The most alluring quality of the design is the number of drivers Legacy's Chief Bill Dudleston has managed to shoehorn into the compact cabinet. The AMT HF driver and the 7.5 inch custom made Italian midbass work in unison to create the illusion of a two-way design, but before you know it the hefty 8 inch woofer joins the party and your jaw instantly drops to the floor."

Legacy Calibre on What HiFi? May 2017 Issue Cover

"Calibre goes from subtle to bombastic in an instant without ever losing control...This level of realism at its price and size is what makes Calibre such an accomplished design. The Calibre's biggest party trick is the sheer scale of dynamics and the disappearing act it manages to pull off so effortlessly."

"This could be the best-sounding speaker at its size… Audition them now!”

Full review available in the May 2017 issue of What HiFi?- India's #1 Home Entertainment Magazine

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