"The equally impressive and, one might say, iconic speaker brand, Legacy Audio, was introduced in rooms 809 and 810, at the Hi-Fi & High End Show 2022."

“The Legacy Aeris is one of the brand's best-selling models and has received numerous awards from world-famous publications. For example, at the April 2022 Axpona-Legacy Aeris exhibition, they received the “Best Sound at the Exhibition” award."

"So now, together with the updated Legacy Wavelet II processor and Electrocompaniet electronics at the Hi-Fi & High End Show, these speakers literally worked wonders: speed, realism and scale - these are the main sound characteristics noted by visitors to the exhibition.”

"Visitors to the show could listen to Legacy Audio Caliber bookshelves with a 4-inch AMT ribbon tweeter, 7.5-inch precision midrange/midbass and 8-inch woofer. The Caliber speakers can handle 500W peak input power and deliver a huge soundstage." - Soundex

“I must say that the Wavelet II is a really cool thing- with its help it was possible to adapt the tall towers to a room that is not very suitable for listening to music. The sound turned out to be coherent, and the space was lined up with a clear perspective in depth. On some recordings, the huge speakers literally disappeared."

“Legacy Calibre not only gives out realistic bass in terms of depth and speed, but also in terms of overall dynamics they are not inferior to floor standing speaker systems. And resolution of course- the AMT tweeter paired with a light midrange provide a lot of unobtrusive details, harmoniously contrasting with the energetic lower register.”

-Salon AV

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