"The drive of the system is felt from the very beginning. The system immediately showed that it was able to show the scale of the music. The sound is voluminous, an energetically charged sound."

"The tight bass impressed me so much that for the sake of interest I looked behind the speakers. There are two ports at the rear- I put my palm on them at the most dynamic moments, and despite the incredible volume, there is almost no air movement at the rear- that is, the speakers themselves do most of the work."

"The main feeling that this system gives is that you are at the concert, the word “scale” pops up again in your thoughts. Moreover, the sound imaging is completely independent of the speakers. The system plays very cleanly, individual instruments in the orchestra are clearly audible, the sound is natural and unconstrained, free.”

“Any flaws in the recording quality do not distract at all.”

“The system has great drive and constantly demonstrates its scale. The Focus SE play well with any genre, including the heaviest ones. A feeling of truly boundless space and some unreal dynamics.“

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