"How many times have I heard in my life, that the dream of any hobbyist is to reproduce the music as it was recorded in the studio, and at the same time have home use loudspeakers at home?"

"Legacy Calibre is a true professional monitor. With all its real features and not the ones invented by marketing. Designed for environments where clarity and the ability to distinguish each and every track of the different instruments or voices is simply non-negotiable."

"Capable of emitting great power without breaking a sweat. The sound image it emits fills any room"

"Its overall look is timeless."

"It has a 4-inch AMT tweeter and 7.5-inch midrange, both on the front. At the top, an 8-inch woofer and on the sides, 2 8-inch sub-woofers, one per side, passive. Its frequency response ranges from 38-30K Hz. And its recommended amplification varies from 45 to 400 Watts. Sensitivity of 90.5 dB and 4 ohms of impedance."

"In the case of Suzanne Vega's "Luka", the highs and mids brought out the voice and the smallest details of the track. The track starts with a few touches of drums, smooth, dry and spaced. While the top woofer generates the overall "ambiance" of the music, the passives make the drums sound clear and precise. A clarity and crispness that I had to check again and again, as it seemed almost like magic to me."

Legacy Calibre have also been called "Masters of Rhythm", "Stunningly Great and So Much Fun to Listen To!", and "Unheard of at Anywhere Near its Price Range."

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