"The new Legacy Studio’s primary market is the audiophile who wants a full range (within its size limit of course), good sounding speakers that can be tucked into tight spaces. They also can be used in a surround system where space is limited."

"The Studios are excellent imaging speakers. Transient response is quite good for such a reasonably priced speaker. The reproduction of the drum cymbals on the Davis SACD reflected the speed and air of a well-recorded drum recording setup, without a hint of harshness or over splashiness."

"High-resolution piano recordings also revealed no exaggerated character or harshness in the upper register; the precise transients that the quality piano microphones captured on a number of high resolution recordings were not diminished by the Studios. A piano sounds like a piano in a good sounding room."

"The build-quality, component selection and the sound that emanates from them shows that USA hi-fi is alive and well."

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