Legacy Audio exhibited their Golden Ear Award Winning Aeris at the 2016 Capital Audiofest.

"Bill Dudleston and Dave Thomson combined their expertise and products for a wonderful result. I heard the Legacy Aeris speakers $20,735/pr, Legacy Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Processor/Correction ($3450), and a pair of Raven Spirit 300B MK2 Monoblocks ($26,995 per pair), all wired with Douglas Connection Alpha Rhodium 2 cabling. This non complicated system didn't mind complicated music, or rock, or jazz."

"I heard tight and powerful controlled bass, clear vocals, plus nice attack and sustain on cymbals. Some of the best bass I heard at the show used DSP processing to get control of the response in room, and internally powered woofers as well. I sense this as a good trend because the Raven monos' 26 WPC drove the big Aeris with authority and the woofers had their own power, slick combination."

"The Aeris speakers in this room were the best I've ever heard them sound."

-Kemper Holt, Enjoy The Music

Herb Reichert at Stereophile commented "The big Legacy Aeris speakers were marching along with this classic American folksong that had been made famous by the master (Louis Armstrong), and I was digging the feelings it inspired."

"Not surprisingly, Legacy too had a beautiful display in the large Montrose Room, with three different systems. I listened to System A: Legacy Aris ($20,735), Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Processor/Correction ($3450), Raven Audio Spirit 300B MK2 Mono Blocks ($26,995 per pair). Its large lifelike presence and dynamics attracted lots of attention." - Karl Sigman, Audiophilia

See Legacy and AVS at Capital Audiofest, below!

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