" ...the finest value that I have ever encountered in high-end audio. I know of no speaker close to the Focus' price that can offer as much of everything as it does."

"Bill Dudleston wasn't kidding when he said that the Focus is a speaker designed for music lovers, but to deduce from this that they won't be satisfying to audiophiles would be inaccurate. While the speaker's emphasis is not on the virtues of audio per se, it does nearly everything that the fussiest audiophile might want. I found the Focus 20/20 to be a generous, big-hearted speaker that gave enormous pleasure, and brought life and joy to the music that I put through it."

"In the completeness of its ability to connect emotionally with a listener on the deepest levels, the Focus is, if not singular, mightily exceptional."

"The Legacy Focus 20/20 is a genuinely full-range speaker in every sense; its frequency response, dynamic capabilities, resolution, and sense of musical communication can fairly be compared to cone speakers costing far, far more, and a select few panel speakers that are, inevitably, more difficult to drive than is the Focus. Combine the 20/20's outstanding overall performance with its efficiency, easiness to drive, and quality of handcraftsmanship, and the results is the finest value that I have ever encountered in high-end audio. Quite an accomplishment, Mr. Dudleston. Take a bow—you've more than earned it."

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