Mercy Sound Studios in New York City uses Legacy Focus SE for “Bigger Than Life Sound”

Not one, but two pair of Legacy Focus can be found as the main mixing and mastering monitors in what is widely considered to be one of the best sounding mixing and mastering studios in Manhattan.

Owner Scott Clark expounds “I think they're the single best decision I've made at my studio, a stunning success from every point of view. Nearly all of the visiting guest engineers and clients comment on the peerless Focus SE's. Many say that they have the sound quality of the B&W Nautilus range ($60,000). Like with all similar topics, there is heated debate. And it's true that these Foci and the Nautilus series are used in many mastering houses, but the Legacys can attain far more distortion free volume levels than the Nautilus, that is without dispute. It's widely accepted that the Focus speakers should cost twice as much as they do."

Mercy Sound utilizes a variety of quality gear from their top of the line U47 and Neve 1073s to the industry standard Pro Tools.

Their wide variety of clients include Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, Willie Nelson and Jay-Z.

Scott concludes- “Every time I play a track that I've heard 100+ times in my life, I hear so much more depth and detail than I ever heard in the song before... I consistently hear new things in my favorite songs every time I play them... that is a very rare and special gift.”

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