"Legacy has significantly revised the Wavelet so that it can be used with any brand of speakers, added features, and incorporated correction for room reflections. A universal unit that will work in virtually any room with any type of speaker design."

"The Wavelet has been found to improve the presentation of each speaker we have tested, which includes dipoles, vented, sealed, and omni-directional designs. The Wavelet can also compensate for subwoofers as part of a system."

"You immediately hear more detail with virtually every recording, and a cleaner and more natural soundstage with a well-miked recording of an actual live performance."

"The Wavelet is the most advanced effort I’m aware of to eliminate how the listening room changes a speaker’s performance."

"The latest version of the Wavelet provides exceptional value for money at a price of $4950. This is very reasonable for a unit that combines a DAC, a preamp, and a 2/3/4-way digital crossover with time alignment with a speaker-correction system that does an exceptional job of measuring the impact of a given room."

"As for sound quality, the Wavelet not only excels at room correction, it is actually easy to use and operate."

"Once you do switch the correction on, you may be surprised by the most immediate difference… you are almost certain to hear more deep bass and more bass detail at every frequency."

Wavelet “makes a striking improvement in the clarity of the music and soundstage."

“You get one hell of a lot for the money, and if you have any real-world room problems the Wavelet more than compensates for whatever you lose.”

Wavelet has also received the 2018 Golden Ear Award, Best of 2017 Award and distinguished as “An Absolute No-Brainer: Highly & Unreservedly Recommended.”

Learn more about the Legacy Wavelet, here.

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