Legacy V System Well Received In Atlanta

Legacy Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, along with Operations Manager, Tom Kulavic, treated the AV Club of Atlanta to a rousing display of the new Legacy V and Wavelet processor. Program material ranged from Vespers Op. 37 Choral to Nils Lofgren’s crisp, clean plucks followed by most of the new Lyn Stanley album, Potions. As a measure of accuracy in reproduction, the very talented recording artist Lyn Stanley flew in from California providing a direct live reference. As he swapped between the LP and SACD for comparison’s of the very same tracks with the actual artist in the same room occasionally vocalizing, Bill beamed “Now this is what being an audiophile is all about!”

Winding up the afternoon the Focus SE were given the acid test by sliding them in front of the larger V system. Bill proudly noted the consistency in voicing to an impressed crowd. While the overall stage was a tad smaller and the space around the instruments a bit less defined, the tonality was dead on and the airy top end was retained. Here's what the Atlanta club posted on their site about the November 23rd meeting.

"This combination was amazing, playing both digital recordings and vinyl with a huge sound stage and incredible amounts of detail."

"These speakers were able to plumb the depths of the bass with ease and still provide a warm and focused top end sound."

"This was by far the most room filling and effortless sound we have ever heard at the DNDC."

"All in all, this was finest sound I have ever heard at one of our meetings."

-Audio Video Club of Atlanta meeting notes

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