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“The Legacy Foundation Subwoofer Proved Itself Every Day”

“The Legacy Foundation Subwoofer Proved Itself Every Day”

Review Date: October 2018

Publication: Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity
Reviewer: Jim Clements
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"I found that the Legacy Foundation really scratched my every itch when it comes to bass reproduction. The Foundation had amazing power reserves and deep extension. It also reproduced musical pieces equally as well as cranking out the big bass effects of my favorite movies."

"This sub could fill an even larger room with THX reference sound pressure levels and still not break a sweat. The great advantage here is that the sub therefore has a lot of reserve capacity and most people would never come anywhere close to maxing it out." 

"Due to the excellent controls in the Foundation, I was able to get an excellent blend in a matter of minutes which I then fine-tuned over a couple of evenings. I used the "Blend" control to get that last bit of musicality. 

Legacy Foundation Subwoofer

"My reference sub is an SVS SB16 Ultra. I really didn't think I would find a sub that I would like more than the SVS. I was wrong."

"Not only was the Legacy Foundation able to go toe-to-toe with the SVS in terms of bass slam, it actually bettered it in the area of having more apparent response in the very low bass. This lent the Foundation a better sense of energizing the room."

"Even more surprisingly, the Foundation provided better musicality than the SVS. So here I had a new sub in the system that was all around a better performer than my reference sub."

"Lesser subs would have struggled to sufficiently separate all the disparate bass signals. This was not a problem for the Legacy Foundation. This subwoofer was able to parse out all the individual bass signals. I heard it all." 

"I was particularly impressed that the very loud gunfire and explosions never sounded as if they were smearing or interfering with the musical bass during the action scenes."

"My system has never produced more bass slam and gut-shaking output than what I was getting from the Foundation. The Legacy sub ties it all together."

"The Legacy Foundation subwoofer proved itself every day. It output infrasonic bass as well as bass that was in time and in tune with the music. It's an all-around winner which even includes its fetching good looks!"

"If you were to ask me to try and summarize my impression of the Legacy Foundation subwoofer in a single word, then that word would be righteous." 

Legacy Foundation Subwoofer Black Satin finish

"Though I wrote about some specific movies and music in my review, the real proof came during day-to-day use of the sub. This sub even enhanced "TV" watching including documentaries and sporting events. It proved itself each and every day and once dialed-in, it was easy to forget about and just enjoy all that I heard."

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