Audio/Home Theater Pro 7 Monitor

Pro 7 Monitor

The Pro 7 Monitor excels in a variety of applications- studio monitor, desktop monitor and even mounted on the wall. This small footprint monitor delivers sound that is much bigger than its size.

Designed for the professional who requires excellent sound in a small footprint, the Pro 7 Monitor is the most compact Legacy Pro solution. The 7" midwoofer delivers exceptionally detailed midrange and bass thanks to the robust magnetic structure and a silver/graphite driver that is both stiff and light for excellent transient response.

The 1" dual pole AMT folded ribbon delivers airy and spacious highs extending to 20kHz. Treble is both smooth and detailed. System directivity is a controlled 45 degress vertically and 60 degrees horizontally- perfect for standing and sitting behind and above the traditional "sweet spot".

The speaker is ported on the front and the rear connections are recessed, allowing the Pro 7 to be placed near, against or on the wall. 

This versatile speaker packs an incredible performance in a small package that is perfect for any sized space where professional audio performance is required.

Application: Studio monitor, desktop, on wall
System Type: Compact 2-way, vented
Mounting: Wall mount with bracket
System Directivity: 60 degrees horizontally, 45 degrees vertically
Projection Distance: Up to 25 feet
Tweeter: 1" dual pole AMT folded ribbon
Midwoofer: 7" Silver/Graphite with cast frame
Low Frequency Alignment: Vented
Freq. Response (Hz, +/-3dB): 57-20k
Sensitivity (Room, dB@ 2.83V): 92
Crossover Freq. (Hz): 3k
Inputs: 1 pair binding post, recessed cup
Dimensions (inches) HxWxD: 12.5 x 9.25 x 5.75
Weight: 21 lbs each

Legacy Audio Pro 7 Monitor in White Satin finish

Legacy Audio Pro 7 Monitor in White Satin finish

Legacy Pro 7 Monitor in Black Satin finish

Legacy Pro 7 Monitor with Installed Bracket for Optional Wall Mounting

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