Details & InsightsFinishes & Craftsmanship

Like the finest furniture, our cabinets are impeccably finished in select veneers and solid hardwood corner moldings.  The Exquisite finishes are hand-rubbed several times to assure a patina that is at home with the most elegant decor.  Beneath the surface of each Legacy Speaker lies rigid interlocking joinery.  Polyester fiberfill is selected for internal damping.  A sharp rap on the enclosure will leave you with little more than bruised knuckles.

Premium Rosewood

Premium Black Pearl

Premium Curly Maple

Premium Natural Brown Sapele Pommele

Exotic Cabernet Sapele Pommele

Standard Natural Cherry

Standard Black Oak

Standard Medium Oak

Standard Walnut

Exotic Birdseye Maple

Exotic Olive Ash Burl


Legacy Aeris Display of Finishes

Legacy's Aeris shown in (L to R) Natural Sapele Pommele, Cabernet Sapele Pommele, Black Pearl, Rosewood, Natural Cherry, Walnut & Black Oak

Listen to Legacy Legacy Backstage Building a Legacy