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“The Legacy Silhouettes Can Do It All…Beautifully!” - Review

“The Legacy Silhouettes Can Do It All…Beautifully!” - Review

Review Date: October 2015

Publication: Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity
Reviewer: Jim Milton
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"If I could describe the sound of the Legacy speakers, it would have adjectives like; full spectrum, articulate, detailed and solid. I would ascribe those elements to the whole line of Legacy speakers, too."

"My initial impression was that the Silhouettes sound BIG. I am an avid fan of the AMT tweeters and fully expected the treble to be excellent on the Silhouettes, but what I was not expecting was the solid mid and bass performance. The whole front wall seemed to disappear and extend well beyond the confines of my room."

"...the fit and finish are superb. Notice the beveled edges of the wood around the midwoofer. The machines edges of the AMT are perfectly flushed with the cabinetry. Did I mention the gorgeous wood finish?"


  • Zero footprint and solid cabinetry build
  • Efficient enough to be powered by solid-state or tube amplifiers
  • Deep sound stage
  • Gorgeous wood veneers with top quality construction
  • Excellent sound quality for music and movies
  • No floor footprint


"For all of you that like music and movies, you don’t have to decide what compromises to make in your speaker selection. The Silhouettes can do it all…and beautifully!"

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