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Stereophile Whisper Review

Stereophile Whisper Review

Review Date: August 2006

Publication: Stereophile
Reviewer: Paul Bolin
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"The Legacy Audio Whisper is a fabulously enjoyable speaker system. It can comfortably accommodate a room of nearly any size, presents fewer problems of placement than any other large speaker I have encountered, and fulfills Bill Dudleston's design goals and every performance claim Legacy has made for it. Better than that, it is a consistently wonderful component through which to enjoy music of all kinds for the sake of music, not hi-fi. The Whisper plays large-scaled works with the sort of grandeur and easy authority I have previously heard only from such speakers as the Focal-JMlab Nova Utopia Be and the Wilson Audio MAXX 2—and both of those worthies cost tens of thousands more..."


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