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Legacy Powerbloc2 “Sounds & Feels Like It Should Cost A Lot More…”

Legacy Powerbloc2 “Sounds & Feels Like It Should Cost A Lot More…”

Review Date: October 2019

Publication: Enjoy The Music, September 2019
Reviewer: Rick Becker

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“I come away from shows always dreaming of a handful of products that captured my imagination for one or several reasons, be they logical, emotional, economic or somehow simply intuitive. Legacy’s Powerbloc2 stereo amplifier was one of those products.”

“The Powerbloc2 is light weight, solid, well-built and very powerful. Frequency response is flat and tight across the entire audible spectrum.”

“Its reasonable price will attract many who are looking for something above entry level to the high end and it will grow with you. It is a worthy teammate to very fine sources, preamps and speakers, not to overlook obvious applications in home theater where its relative cool running and high power are prime attributes.” 

 + The build quality looks superb and it feels extremely well built

+ Sounds and feels like it should cost a lot more

+ Tonal balance seemed perfectly flat, continuity top to bottom

+ Responded favorably to aftermarket footers and fuses, and reveals cable and power cord differences 

“The Powerbloc2 is an amp you can put into your system and enjoy as you upgrade everything upstream and down. That’s a great value added proposition to an amp that’s a great value right out of the box. Strongly recommended.”

-Rick Becker

"Legacy’s promise of serious power at a fair price is honestly made and fully delivered" with the Powerbloc series amplifiers, providing the best performance at an entry level price point.

The Legacy Powerbloc amplifiers provide the best performance at their price point ($1,800 for the Powerbloc2) and the Legacy i·V series amplifiers provide the best performance possible, period. Learn more about the i·V series, here.

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