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Legacy Focus: The Voice of America

Legacy Focus: The Voice of America

Review Date: September 2014

Publication: Salon AV Russia
Reviewer: Nikolai Efremov
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"The first thing to note – is a high audio quality conversion regardless of resolution. Even on CD-rips the upper range remained crystal clear with the highly detailed Legacy Air Motion tweeters. The sound of competently digitized material was clear and almost analogue in the best sense of the word."

Photo Credit: Salon AV Russia

"Another important, though expected, moment - the absolute dynamics.

More than a kilowatt from the Krell power amplifier and sensitive speakers with two 12-inch woofers literally sounded like a hurricane. Sound pressure can be brought up to the level where the shock wave will be felt physically by the body, but neither distortion nor coloration appears.

Attack is fast and well-coordinated and you can’t tell that 8 different drivers are involved…

The midrange drivers feature an enforced magnet system developed for the new version of Focus to achieve the cohesive sound in the most important sound zone.

The diameter of the magnet even exceeds the diameter of the cone, which is equivalent to increasing the power of a car engine. As a result the system can accelerate air faster, in accordance with the HF range."

"The evolution of the Legacy Focus speaker can be traced by our publications - and includes improvements in the midrange/tweeter. The current version of Focus is no exception."

The system:

Krell Connect – network player

Krell Illusion II - preamplifier

Krell Duo 300 – power amplifier

Legacy Focus– floorstanding loudspeaker

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