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Classic HD & Metro Subwoofer Review by Secrets of HT and Hi-Fi

Classic HD & Metro Subwoofer Review by Secrets of HT and Hi-Fi

Review Date: October 2012

Publication: Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
Reviewer: Jim Clements
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"...Legacy is one of the modern era's great speaker companies. Everything I've heard that has come from Legacy was nothing short of impressive on so many levels."

“…I completely fell in love with the intoxicating sound of Legacy's Classic HD speakers. I loved the smooth treble and the transparent midrange supported by tight, clean and full bass.”

"All three of these speakers are especially well made and they come with a 7-year warranty but I bet they will last a lifetime. "

"One of the hallmarks of these and other Legacy speakers is that they can be enjoyed for long sessions without listening fatigue."

"This was big arena sound that was properly supported by the Metro sub."

"These speakers are smooooth but still dynamic. This is difficult for me to describe – the Classic HD's are sweet but they aren't sugary-sounding, just clean and extended."

"The Classic HD's had an uncanny ability of getting the scale right with everything I put through them both large and small – from a solo a capella singer to a massive orchestra in a large hall..."

-Jim Clements


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